Clearing & Forwarding

Clearing & Forwarding

Customer service

We will designate a dedicated non-centralized customer service personnel who will know about your shipments from beginning to end. We tell you when it is ready, where it is in transit, all the way to delivery.



We stay connected to our clients’ shipments through a system that offers our customers the flexibility to access shipment information at any time. Blink has unlimited Access to all major regional ports and border entries.



Our vast knowledge of international and domestic logistics we have experts who can assist you with Documentation Handling by having answers to your questions about imports and exports.


Assurance and Efficiency

Blink may not be the first or the largest freight forwarder but we can assure you that moving a cargo either by land, sea, and air is our task. Our well-trained staff will treat each of your cargo as fragile and will give you the highest level of care in limited time as possible.

Advanced logistics solutions

We Give You Complete Control Of Your Shipments